Introducing an all new wheelchair cushion line from Star Cushion Products, Inc....the Galaxy!
Galaxy Cushion by Star Products

MedTrade 2008 Merit Award Winner!

The Galaxy is a flame resistant neoprene cushion that combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contouring design, fitting the anatomical form. These detailed, contouring features, offer several benefits to aid in the patients’ stability and posture, while greatly enhancing a true therapeutic advantage.  Simply stated, the Galaxy is a well engineered system, uniquely designed to capture the needs and requirements of our companies’ first and foremost importance...the end user!

Patent No. 7,350,251
Patent No. 7,681,265 B2
and other Patents Pending

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Starlock - Star Cushion Products

Star Cushion is pleased to announce the addition of our new 5” Starlock.

The taller cell height enables greater flexibility to address the asymmetrical needs of the end user. In conjunction with our patented CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY, the unique air cells provide deeper immersion and creates an environment which not only adds enhanced positioning, but also increases stability.

As with our other Starlock cushions, the 5" Starlock can establish a very personalized seating surface without the cost of a custom cushion. The soft, flexible air cells are ideal for the prevention and healing of up to and including a Stage IV pressure ulcer. Patent No. 7,434,282 B2 and other Patents Pending.


Starlock Cushion

5" StarLock® Cushion Shown

HCPCS Equal or Less than 22"
All Cushions 2", 3", 4" and 5" E2624

StarLock® Features:

  • Available in 5", 4", 3", and 2" Contour cell heights to better accommodate your seating and positioning needs.

  • Variable air flow control provides versatility when addressing hard to fit clients. The StarLock cushion can perform as a single valve cushion offering you the highest level of skin protection, and can provide locking of each cell to provide for high end positioning and stability.

  • "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" allows you to easily address asymmetrical seating issues.

  • "CELL LOCK TECHNOLOGY" allows you to isolate individual air cells, and customize with “no contact” areas without the added expense of an actual custom cushion.

To see complete details about Starlock Technology and cushions visit our Starlock Page.

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