Star Cushion’s sales company renamed Etac – still providing Star products

Star Cushion has been part of Etac for several years. Etac is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of pediatric and adult mobility- and assistive devices as well as patient handling equipment, with product brands such as Star, Convaid, R82, Molift, Immedia and Etac. Many know at least one of our product brands but are not aware of our complete family of products.

By adopting Etac as our sales company name, we take the first step of making it easier to get to know our sales company and explore our full offering. As Etac, we continue to provide our Star products, only in an easier way.

More specifically, we will:

  • Replace our multiple websites with one new Etac website. Meanwhile, you find all our current websites on
  • Replace our various email addresses with one (
  • Change our tradeshow booth to reflect our new sales company name. The first time you meet as us Etac will be on the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, March 3-6 2020.

We put you, our customer, in focus and you will be informed before any changes are made. Stay tuned on our websites and in our newsletters/emails!

Please note that it is only the name of the sales company that is changing. The products are still named Star and the legal manufacturing name is still Star Cushion Products Inc.

Etac’s product brands

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