Starlock Cushion

For years, therapists, physicians, and wound care specialists have recognized that multi-celled air cushions are the best proven system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. However, in the past, many therapists have felt that they needed to compromise positioning options and stability with multi-celled air cushions in order to achieve the superior skin protection benefits. With the StarLock, there is no compromise!

StarLock increased positioningThe StarLock accomplishes this through its patented Cell Locking Technology. Instead of only having a dual (2) zone cushion or quad (4) zone cushion, the StarLock allows the user to stop the flow of air between each cell in the cushion. This means that instead of just regulating the amount of air in a dual or quad zone cushion, or moving air from one side to the other or front to back to gain some positioning and/or stability, the StarLock can be custom fit to the user’s unique shape by locking the transfer of air between each cell in the cushion.

StarLock ImpressionOnce immersed and locked, the StarLock cushion will keep the unique shape of the user, and provide the stability of a custom molded foam cushion with the pressure equalization and skin protection benefits of a multi-celled air cushion.

The StarLock is also the most aggressive positioning cushion on the market, as it allows a therapist or care provider to correct or accommodate a pelvic obliquity or other positioning issue, and keep the user in the exact desired spot by stopping (locking) the flow of air once the desired position and immersion is achieved. The StarLock also allows you to remove the air from individual cells and keep those cells from re-inflating once locked, creating a void, or no contact zone, where it is needed the most.

The Starlock provides a truly personalized seating surface without the cost of a custom cushion!

Patent No. 7,434,282 B2 and other patents pending

  • No Weight Limit
  • Approximately 4 lbs/1.36 kg
  • Made with high-quality, flame resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber


HCPCS Code:  

E2624 – Adjustable Skin Protection and Positioning, Width less than 22”

E2625 – Adjustable Skin Protection and Positioning, Width 22” or greater

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