Galaxy Cushion


Galaxy FeaturesThe Galaxy Cushion combines multi-cellular air technology with a patented, contouring design, shaped to fit the anatomical form. The Galaxy achieves its contour through uniquely shaped air cells, specifically designed to benefit the user.

The pelvic supports cells gently adduct the trochanters creating a hydrostatic environment around the sitting tissues. Coccyx relief cells are shaped to create a voided region in the rear of the cushion that keeps pressure away from this typically problematic area. Posterior sloped air cells help to prevent forward migration. The adductor cells gently push the user’s femur to the midline of the cushion, creating balance and stability and helping to aid outward leg migration. The user’s thighs are kept in medial-lateral placement through delicately sculpted femur troughs. The user’s knees are stabilized by the abductors which work in concert with the femur troughs to create premium comfort and security.


Galaxy Alternate Styles and Zoning OptionsThe Galaxy also offers alternate styles and zoning options, allowing for many positioning options and providing relief to any and all users. All of these patented features work in unison to create the most specifically contoured and posture-driven cushion on the market today!

Medtrade 2008 Merit Award Winner!

Patent No. 7,350,251 & 7,681,265 B2 And Other Patents Pending

  • No Weight Limit
  • Approximately 4 lbs/1.36 kg
  • Made with high-quality, flame resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber




E2624 – Adjustable Skin Protection and Positioning, Width less than 22”

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